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Worldwide chess

Some great starting points are:

Chesslab It's free, searchable and big! (JAVA req.)
Gambitsoft Shareware chess programs
Gary Kasparov's homepage
Pittsburgh (games collections, converters)
Dutchbase All games of historic Dutch tournaments
FIDE homepage
Mark Crowther's The Week In Chess
Turnierkalender (Germany a.o.)
Rochade Terminkalender
Calendar Belgiė
CAISSA Woluwé chess club, Bruxelles (Belgium)
Buggs' Chess Page (Germany)
Echecs ą Grenoble (France)
Graphics & Links
Rashit's homepage (very cool page on chess technique and other stuff)

E-mail chess

IECC Play chess by E-mail (free)
It's your turnWeb based correspondence chess
Jaap's Correspondence page

Problems & solutions

Practice combinations
More combinations (Kevin O'Connell)
Vincents problemen
Retrocorner (When the FIDE-rules are getting boring, various types of 'Fairy chess' to try out.)

Internet Chess servers

The Free Internet Chess Server
I can not be held responsible for any sort of addiction that you're likely to develop after clicking here

You'll just need to download this Winboard-4_0_0 self-installing Graphical User Interface for Windows95 and Windows NT by Tim Mann

Or download gilly's "lightningrulez" interface, which I like even better.

FICS would be an even more wonderful place if everyone would stick to this: SST-club
If you only have a telnet window, click here for the: American server
German server

Great Players

Bobby Fischer homepage
Aaron Niemzowitsch
Uncrowned Kings

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